Neocon concerned conservatives don’t love the state enough

On the train up to Scotland I am catching up on the news with the FT when I come across an article by your friend and mine, Francis Fukuyama. You may remember him as the vulgar neoconservative apologist of the 1990s and 2000s. Well I am afraid he must be suffering from delusions and amnesia as he seeks to rewrite history.

The title of the article was “conservatives must fall back in love with the state.” Wait, what? I could tell this would be a tough article to get through.

Now, I have no doubt that Mr Fukuyama is a smart man, but he is a man with an ideological agenda and when things like facts get in his way he simply discards them. If he had been paying attention for the last 10 years (but really since the beginning of the republican party) he would realise certain types of conservatives have always loved the state. Mr Fukuyama seems to confuse what politicians say with their actions. Republicans sometimes talk a good game regarding cutting back the state, but rarely follow through. Let us not forget that quintessential conservative George W Bush who oversaw the greatest expansion of the US state probably ever.

In my view, Mr Fukuyama is unsuccessfully trying to reinvent himself. Unfortunately for him, his ideas are stale and based on outright fabrications of history. This makes sense as he is a mainstream commentator; fabrication of history is their specialty.


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