Eduardo Saverin, wealth creator, > USG, wealth (and life) destroyer

I knew those Facebook guys were smart, or at least Eduardo Saverin is. Rather than fork over any more of his money to the corrupt, murderous gang of thieves in Washington he has decided to take the increasingly popular route of denouncing his US citizenship. The vitriol hurled at him is palpable, and predictable (and ironically much if it is on Facebook).

A coolheaded look at the facts might distill much of this fervour. First off, he is Brazilian born and now lives in Singapore. So he already has made the conscious decision to live outside of the United States and was born outside of it as well. Singapore, from what I understand is a much better place to live than the US, in regards to tax rates and a less bullyish government. Unfortunately, for US citizens, even if they live in Singapore, they still pay US taxes if they earn over a certain amount. The US Feds get their pound of flesh no matter where you live.

Secondly, who is going to spend that money better; the one who has earned it, Mr Saverin, who helped create one of the most popular online resources, something that millions of people are virtually addicted to and seemingly cannot live without, has created many jobs that actually create further wealth? Or the US government, who’s very existence consumes wealth at an astounding rate, who over the last 12 years has murdered well over 100,000 Iraqis and Afghanis, sent thousands of Americans to their deaths in the same places, molests children at the countries airports, funnels billions to Wall St and foreign central banks to keep their charade of prosperity going, and generally crushes your average non-union working stiff at every possible turn? In that scenario, who would you rather be in possession of a few hundred million?

Thirdly, the US government can’t even deliver mail without losing, literally, billions of dollars a year, so a few foregone millions of Mr Saverin’s are not going to mean much.

In other words, any money that is kept away from murderers and thugs should be viewed as a good thing, shouldn’t it?


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