Making the election about one issue so as to not confuse the American electorate

Because Romney and Obama are the same on most major issues of importance (they clearly are exactly the same in regards to healthcare and foreign policy; ie spend more of other people’s money and kill more foreigners. And they certainly agree that the sugar-daddy Federal Reserve should keep financing everything under the sun. Therefore it was only a matter of time before the teleprompter told Obama to bring up gay marriage, and his support for it. Why it took 3 years for his handlers to bring it up is obvious, to make this election about one of the only issues that him and Romney differ on.

Oh how the media love this kind of “debate.” they don’t have to do any research or ask any tough questions, they can just report what they feel. Those at Fox News will feel angry and will throw tantrums on air. Those on MSNBC will also feel angry at how angry those at Fox are and they too will throw tantrums. Rather than report on Europe lurching from crisis to crisis and seemingly entering some sort of endgame, or how, after almost 4 years, the US is still mired in a depression, or how after 10 years is still mired in all kinds of wars, or how the internationally corrupt central banking system has enriched its well connected pals at the expense of society at large in what must be considered the greatest theft in the history of the world; no. The media would rather make a big issue about what two blowhard politicians think of same sex adults freely choosing to wed each other.

The federal government has no authority whatsoever to regulate marriage, at least if one believes that the government should follow the law. If nothing else, the entertainment factor of watching grown adults yell at each other about what other grown adults want to do with their lives is pure gold. Tragic, pathetic, pure gold.


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