“I pay more taxes! No, I pay more!” Or what passes for debate with the GOP

You know a country is in trouble when its opposition party, the one that claims to be for small government and lower taxes, starts sniping at each other over their tax returns! In the “I pay more taxes than you” game, the GOP candidates (save one) sound more like Democrats every day. Perhaps this reflects the major shift that has taken place in the American public, where more people feed at the federal trough than pay into it.

A recent video expertly breaks down that even if we taxed every billionaire, almost billionaire, Fortune 500 company, professional athlete, etc 100% it wouldn’t even get the US government through 1 year! Not to mention there would be no money left to invest, save and create actual (as opposed to government ditch digging) jobs with. Even if the rich were forced to pay more, or their “fair share” as some like to call it, what would be the point? Why take more money, send it to Washington to hire more bureaucrats, only to send that money back to the rich in the form of corporate welfare and bailouts?! How is that a good policy? Surely, attempting to level the playing field by ending corporatism (including to the military-industrial complex), bailouts, inflation of the money supply (also known as true inflation, with benefits accruing to the well-connected few) and the general waste of taxpayer dollars that goes on in DC everyday is a much better policy than sending even more money to politicians, isn’t it?

Of course, the video above is seemingly a GOP attack on Obama and the Democrats as if the Republican Party is any different. When Republicans were in power did they cut spending? Of course not. George Dub-ya started the spending race, Obama has only taken the baton and run with it.

So to see the party of small government (in rhetoric only it would seem) argue over who pays more taxes would be quite sickening, if it weren’t so pathetic.


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