US leads the way in Shamocracy

Oppressive dictatorships could learn a lot from the US in regards to democracy. If they are looking for a system where power appears to change hands, but never does, then democracy may be just what they are looking for.

When Goldman Sachs Candidate A (Obama) or Goldman Sachs Candidate B (Romney) are finally “elected” and the charade of voting is over, does anyone actually think anything will change? Why even have an election between these two clowns at all? I cannot seem to find one difference between them.

Support for vampire banks? Check.

Support for war? You betcha.

Support for currency debasement? Obviously.

On every major issue, these two are lock step in line with each other. It’s no surprise. The electorate want  more war, more bailouts, more spending, more, more, more. And if they don’t, they will be made to. And if they still don’t, well then the elections will just be rigged. No muss, no fuss.

Democracy is the the greatest system ever devised. By giving the masses the vote, they feel they are in control. And what do they do with that “control?” Well what a coincidence they vote in the same candidates that the big banks want. Funny how everyone’s interests neatly align like that.


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