The US is “Japaning” Iran into War

Making the rounds last week on some of the blogs I frequent was the McCollom Memo. Written in 1940, but not declassified until 1994, this memo lays out in some detail how the American Empire operates. Knowing the public wouldn’t support yet another foreign adventure, the US government did what it does best; lied its way to war.

At the time, the US government rhetorically supported “neutrality.” However, as even mainstream historians admit, this was just another lie on the way to war. In regards to Japan, the US wanted to provoke the nation into firing the first shot so as to drum up domestic support. This they did exceedingly well. Beginning with economic sanctions (such as an embargo on oil to Japan, which in itself is an act of war) to encircling Japan through a network of American military bases in the Pacific, the Americans were anything but neutral.

As has been stated on other sites recently, bullet point number 10 of the memo is the most telling, and chilling for us living today.

If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully prepared to accept the threat of war.

This is exactly what the US is doing to Iran. Backing her into a corner, applying sanction after sanction in the hopes they make the first move. Since Iran’s government is probably just as idiotic as every other government, it may not be long until they take the bait and thus seal their fate. And with US warships all over the Persian Gulf, how long before something, anything sparks the war the Americans want so desperately.

For if there is one thing that is clear, the neocons and chickenhawks who run Washington want war. They love war. They may have never actually fought one themselves, but have no problem sending others to fight and die on their behalf (ala Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the list goes on).

They have Keynesian pseudo-economists like Paul Krugman lending a helping hand as well. In his world, war is great for the economy because it creates jobs. It’s a double-bonus because the stuff that gets destroyed has to be rebuilt, thus creating more jobs. Of course, the point of an economy is not simply to create jobs. If it were, the Soviet Union would still be around as they were great at creating jobs, just not so great at producing things people actually wanted to buy, other than the AK-47 I suppose. War doesn’t create prosperity, in fact the very definition of war is the destruction of lives, wealth and prosperity.

Iran has long been in the crosshairs of the US. Let us not forget the 1953 ousting of Iran’s democratically elected president by the CIA (and others). The Iranians sure haven’t forgotten.


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