Ron Paul 2012

Now that the cowards and false patriots in Washington have officially enshrined the executive dictatorship into law (since it has been a virtual dictatorship for a few decades now this new law allowing for indefinite imprisonment of ANYONE the president deems a threat is but a stamp of approval).

There is still hope. Tomorrow Iowans have a chance to nominate Ron Paul as the GOP candidate. As seemingly every major Republican AND Democrat supports the totalitarian state, he is the only candidate who doesn’t think an all powerful government is a good thing.

As the empire crumbles, how long before people are disappeared on a regular basis for nothing more than questioning this or that policy.

Tomorrow could be the first step to ending the wars and outright fascism that blight a once great nation.

Ron Paul 2012


4 responses to “Ron Paul 2012

  1. I personally think that RP would perpetuate the authoritarianism that has taken hold of US government. If you really study what he is all about, he is a corporatist who wants to transfer power from the federal government to corporations and states. His isolationism is also a big concern that could make our country more vulnerable.

    • Thank you for your comment. As you can imagine, I disagree completely with your personal opinion. I have carefully studied the man’s beliefs. He is not a corporatist, the average pol in Washington is a corporatist. He didn’t support bailing out the corporations when many of his colleagues did.

      The reason he supports giving power back to the states is because he takes his oath of office seriously. As an elected official in Congress, he is charged with enacting legislation in accordance with the US constitution. Much of what the federal government does is unconstitutional. Therefore he does not support it.

      Your silly claim regarding his “isolationism” suggests it is you who should really study the man and history for that matter. Wars of aggression make America less safe. It may shock you, but people don’t like being bombed. It makes them angry and spiteful. They also don’t like living under US supported dictators. American foreign policy for the last half century at least makes the US less safe. Look up Michael Schuer, former head of the bin Laden unit at the CIA and recent endorser of Ron Paul. Also look up blowback.

      Free trade, diplomacy and minding one’s own business is a good foreign policy. Not endless wars of aggression.

    • Everything you say would happen under Ron Paul has already happened. You cannot say that corporations don’t already run the US government. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with being completely oblivious to what’s already going on in the world.

  2. The NDAA leaves little doubt that the US constitution is under full assault and has taken us back to King George, or worse. Ron Paul is the only answer to this assault. One can only hope that the youth in Iowa can mobilize those who are strongly pro-Paul and give the campaign a boost onto NH.

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