The joke that is the GOP

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

It seems the morally and intellectually bankrupt GOP are at it again. Since their party is devoid of any real ideas and since these politicians will say or do anything to be elected and keep the gravy train going for Wall Street and the military, it is no surprise that many of them are starting to copy Ron Paul.

Recently, Newt Gingrich said:

“We all owe [Ron Paul] a debt of gratitude for focusing our attention on the very real erosion of American freedom and prosperity caused by the actions of the Federal Reserve,” Gingrich said. “The same policies that the Fed uses to encourage job and economic growth are also the mechanisms that most dangerously weaken the value of the dollar by promoting inflation.”

First off, this man of supposed intelligence was unable to see the erosion of liberties taking place under George W. Bush? It was only until Barack Obama continued many of the same policies that his predecessor enacted that Mr. Gingrich realised the erosion? Hardly. The conniving Gingrich, like all of the other GOP candidates (except Ron Paul) could care less about freedom or American citizens.

That first question is moot, since we all know politicians like Newt Gingrich will do or say anything to get elected. If the winds blow Ron Paul’s way then they will adopt what Ron Paul says. Newt’s a chameleon of sorts. It is a marked change, however, from 2008 when the GOP candidates literally laughed at Ron Paul. So we are passed the “then they laugh at you” stage of Mahatma Gandhi’s quote. The stage we are in now is “then they fight you.” The GOP is trying to co-opt Ron Paul’s platform, the only problem is none of the candidates have any credibility. While the GOP does pretend to believe in the free market at least oratorically, which will trick some voters, Ron Paul is the only one who does not endorse the US military empire. That is very rare, if non-existent in the GOP.

If Ron Paul can somehow get through the rigged GOP primaries and into the rigged general primary then he may appeal to disaffected Obama supporters who must, by now, number into the millions.


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