Most people already know this, but Bill O’Reilly is an idiot

First off, he has no idea who John Maynard Keynes was, you know that guy who Washington bases the majority of its economic policies on? But yeah, O’Reilly knows whats going on? They must thaw him just before his show starts and then throw him back in the freezer when it finishes.

Secondly, he is afraid of living without government, saying it would be lord of the flies situation. He thinks government needs to oversee the economy, because they’ve done such a great job. He also thinks that Wall Street will get away with murder without government, you know, like they already do. He doesn’t understand that government enacts policies that creates an environment where unbridled speculation goes on and then when the unsustainable bubble bursts all the big players get bailed out. He doesn’t seem to understand the revolving door situation between big banks, corporations, law firms and government. He certainly doesn’t understand the Federal Reserve system, free markets or foreign policy.

He is still beating the drum of war in regards to Iran. This man cannot get enough war. Of course, he is a chickenhawk having never actually served in the military, but never shying away from wanting to send other people to die in the desert. Even in regards to Iran he hasn’t a clue, he just drinks the koolaid that says Iran is evil and they are just dying to attack the United States. He even believed it was Iran who attacked Iraq in the 1980s and not the other way around. His ignorance knows know bounds!

How this man still has a television show is mind-boggling and a sad reflection of the poisoned debate in the United States. Of course, he’s no better than the empty-headed pundits on CNN or MSNBC or any of the other mainstream networks, but O’Reilly is the worst kind since he pretends to believe in freedom, small government and liberty. He believes it as long as it is his twisted interpretation of freedom and his kind of morons in government. Bill O’Reilly takes the cake for being the dumbest man in America and that’s saying something.


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