Am I paddling with the current now?

I have a concern. What happens to the title of this blog if and when the ideas it advocates become mainstream? What if true free trade, peace, sound money and liberty enter the mainstream? Paddling with the Current doesn’t have the same ring, but the mainstream is indeed moving and the only presidential candidate to buck the status quo and offer something different is Ron Paul (R-TX). Don’t let the R-TX scare you, this man is not your typical lying, murderous Republican. He believes in peace, free trade, sound money and individual liberty and, unlike the rest of the GOP field, has the voting record to back it up. And with George W. Bush’s third term in the form of Barack Obama (D-Wall Street) fumbling from one crisis to the next it is about time someone with a bit of economic sense and an understanding of reality is heard.

Ron Paul believes in sound economics and true free trade. As the above video suggests, when most every other politician and media pundit was celebrating the fake economic boom, Mr. Paul was speaking out, trying to educate people as to why there was a housing bubble. He understands economics, whereas Mr. Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke obviously do not. The Federal Reserve chairman sincerely believes by simply printing more money all of the world’s economic ills can be solved. Ron Paul understands that the Federal Reserve is directly responsible for the majority of economic ills we face today. They print up the money, hand it out to big banks, foreigners, the US government and who knows who else and they pretend they are doing everyone a favour. They are singularly the most vile institution in the world and solely responsible for the degrading standard of living in the United State over the last decade or so. Unless we have a true understanding of the underlying problem, how could it possibly be fixed? Mr. Bernanke doesn’t understand, nor does president Obama.

Ron Paul believes in true free trade. Free trade has taken a bit of a beating the last 20 years or so. People equate free trade with government favours to big business. That is not free trade, that is actually called corporatism or even fascism. The IMF, the World Bank, Wall Street, none of these entities supports free trade. They make their living off of the Federal Reserve’s fractional reserve ponzi scheme. Real free trade offers no government benefits, the consumer is king and they determine who fails or succeeds. Now, in many industries the government determines who fails and who succeeds regardless of if they provide any good or service that consumers actually want. We know this to be wrong, we know Washington has been bought and paid for by special interests.

Recently, the media has caught on and emphasised Ron Paul’s support for free trade in the form of a bill he has sponsored (many times) that would allow waiters, bartenders and others to keep 100% of their tips.

They have worked for those tips, but have to give a large portion over to the government. That is not free trade, that is theft. The other Republicans in the field pretend they believe in free trade, but more likely they don’t even know what it is. To them, free trade is simply another slogan they can use to win over voters.

Ron Paul is the true peace candidate. While president Obama has increased US military involvement in places like Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and who knows where else, Ron Paul would disengage US troops from the wars. Not only that, but he would bring them home from Korea, Japan, Germany and the 100+ other countries they are currently stationed. President Obama has shown his true colours. He is a shill for Wall Street interests, loves war as long is it is waged by a Democrat and is a general political scoundrel. The most recent foray into Libya is a perfect example of how Barack Obama and George W. Bush are no different on foreign policy. These quasi-dictators simply do what they want and use the military as their own personal army, of course at the behest of big business, Wall Street interests and oil companies. 

Ron Paul is not the status quo candidate. His campaign donations come, not from large corporate donors (unlike president Obama and the other Republican candidates), but from peace-loving individuals across the land. Big business and Wall Street do not donate to Ron Paul simply because they know that he won’t grant them any political favours. That is the kind of president America needs.

He has already made a huge influence on politics in the United States. The mainstream is moving his way, so much so that candidates of all stripes are trying to copy him. Just recently, even president Obama was quoted as saying:

“Government is not, and should not be, the main engine of job-creation in this country, that’s the role of the private sector.”

That’s been Ron Paul’s position his whole life and president Obama’s position for about a week. Prior to, the president has dumped trillions of taxpayer and printed dollars into the economy in a misguided government effort to create jobs. He is right though, government is not, and should not (and I would add cannot) be a job creator. The government has nothing in which to create jobs, only what they steal from the private sector. So kudos to you Mr. Obama, I know you don’t believe what you say, but when you are right you are right.

Ron Paul is the only Republican who can challenge president Obama. I would love to see a Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama debate. Sure, Obama has superior oratory skills, but on the issues he is a gadfly. It would be quite sad to watch him pathetically defend his record of more bailouts, war and government illiberalism as something beneficial to society. I suspect in the coming months we will see a shift in rhetoric from Obama. As the election draws nearer, his lies will become bolder, but his terrible policies will remain in tact.

Both parties have run out of answers. Both parties don’t even understand the question. Ron Paul has not only been asking the pertinent questions, but he has been offering the answers as well. Will Americans listen this time around?


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