Political opportunism sweeping the nation!

With the blue team in control of the emperorship – er, I mean presidency, there is little dissent emanating from the blue team. Back when the red team was winning, there were marches and protests, rightly condemning the quasi-dictatorship of red team captain Dick Cheney – er, George W. Bush.

Ever since the election of the formerly named Hope & Change (from herein referred to as the Teleprompter-in-Chief, not my term, but I’m using it!), the blue team has gone home, confident that they’ve won and that there is no need to pay attention anymore. How sad. How very sad that Americans still play the age-old red team vs. blue team game.

The blue team protesters and marchers have indeed gone home, leaving the marches to the red team. The red team is protesting, anything from higher taxes to invasions of privacy, there have even been some murmurs of disquiet regarding the empire’s foreign policy. Yes, the red team is protesting and will continue to do so, that is until the blue team is “kicked out” of power. Then it will be the blue teams turn again.

For 8 years, the red team sat idly by while their “leaders” inflated a massive economic bubble, started numerous wars, debased the currency and generally grew government to levels never before seen in the United States.

Now, the red team is suddenly against all of those things they used to be for.

For 8 years, the blue team railed against the red team’s wars and civil liberty violations. Now, the blue team is suddenly for all of those things they used to be against.

This is political opportunism in its purest form. It has been going on for decades. Americans eat it up by the bowlful.


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