I’m sure it’s merely a coincidence…

A chart courtesy of Bianco Research via zerohedge entitled: “Presenting The [Federal Reserve’s] Slogan: Making It Harder To Feed Your Family For 98 Years And Counting.”

This chart goes all the way back to the 18th century and retroactively uses the CRB index, which tracks the price of commodities.  Notice how for the first 150 years or so, the general price level remained flat. Those spikes you see are the result of the State’s favourite pastime; war and their costs.

Now, a curious thing occurred in 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was created. The price of everything, especially food started to rise despite the Fed’s mandate to keep price levels in check. Shortly after the Fed-induced bubble of the 1920s, The Great Correction (what’s usually referred to as the Great Depression) tried to return prices to their natural level. Try as it might, the market was consistently subverted by the Federal Reserve. Coupled with the income tax (also passed around the same time), the policies of the Federal Reserve constitute a modern form of slavery. Make no mistake, the Federal Reserve was not created to benefit the general population. The Federal Reserve was created by wealthy banking interests to feather their nests and to allow the government to spend more money than it can steal from the people.

Everything denominated in dollars has increased in price for the most of the last 100 years. Sure, technological advances have accounted for the lowering of some prices, such as electronics, but those prices would fall faster without the Federal Reserve’s incessant monetary expansion. Again, wars caused the general price of things to rise and corrections did occur afterwards, but the Fed made sure they did not last very long. Americans have never met a bubble they didn’t like and never fail to be surprised when that bubble bursts.

Since the dollar was fully de-linked from gold in 1971, the chart shows another massive jump in prices, bringing us to where we are today. Things aren’t increasing in value, at least not generally. What is happening is the dollar is becoming worth less. The trajectory is clear, the dollar will eventually be worth nothing.


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