An interesting chart showing government spending by president

Hat-tip zerohedge.

Unsurprisingly, the greatest increases in government spending (ie theft) have come under Republican presidents (until Obama that is, who has out-Republicaned the Republicans). This is unsurprising because politicians lie, especially those that don’t really have any principles.

Republicans claim to be small-government, until they get hold of the reins of government. Even the great small-government advocate Ronald Reagan seems to have added nearly $1 trillion in government debt, yet everyone in the mainstream still peddles the lie that he cut government spending.

Of course, the American voter is truly to blame, at least those who claim they want small government. Many Americans pretend they want smaller government, but when push comes to shove they don’t want anything cut. As long as Americans continue to elect liars, thieves and future-murderers to Congress and the presidency, the government will never stop growing, will never stop stealing and will never stop murdering. At least not until the dollar collapses, I give it about 3 years if current policies are continued.


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