Why even bother with elections?

Instead of elections that throw up (pun intended) Terrible Human Being A vs. Terrible Human Being B, why don’t we do away with elections all together? Since the Democrats and Republicans already agree on every major issue and since President Obama differs little from his predecessor or from any of his probable successors (except Ron Paul of course), let’s just crown him King-Dictator-Sun God for life and be done with it. All major candidates (save Ron Paul) have already been bought and paid for by Wall Street banks and the Pentagon, so their occupancy of the White House is little more than a relic of a bygone era. If this step were taken, it may at the very least, wake a few Americans up to what is going on in the former land of the free. Although, I wonder if Americans would even notice if tanks were stationed on every street corner in America.

Since inheriting the figurehead position of president, Barack Obama has ceaselessly expanded government power for the benefit of the favoured few. For those few, he has increased the debt owed by Americans by trillions. He is forcing everyone within the next few years to buy government approved health care, which is a red herring for many more terrible policies to be enacted in the future. This from the same government that can’t even deliver mail without losing billions of dollars.

He has done nothing to repeal the anti-freedom, and cynically named, Patriot Act. He has started new wars, failed to close the “prison” at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and continues prosecuting the Drug War (or as I found it more accurately called: the Regime’s Narcotics Price Support Program). The government has also taken to arresting that most dangerous of groups, the Amish, for selling raw milk. Yes, the milk police believe you and I are too stupid to determine which milk to drink, and they are probably right given the current state of public schools in the United States. Most recently (the illiberal policies come hard and fast in the twilight of empire) the government will begin to dip into retirement funds so as to continue to spend money it doesn’t have. Oh, and this little gem was found on zerohedge, saying there is a little, tiny, minuscule clause in the laughably named National Defense Authorization Act that pretty much enshrines all out world war (even within the United States itself, you know, to keep us safe) into law.

Oh, but he “got” bin Laden. So all is forgiven. Never mind that it took 10 years, several wars, trillions of dollars and our very soul, but the mass murdering US state finally got the mass murdering bin Laden.

So, I propose we bring this train wreck to its final destination and anoint the current puppet-in-chief as dictator for life. Where else could it be going except towards outright dictatorship and tyranny? The gradual, inexorable march of total government control will never stop until Americans want it to stop. At what stage will Americans feel safe from the various bogeymen they are told to be afraid of? At what point will the “government safety net” be sufficiently weaved to protect us all from any and everything that could ever possibly happen ever?

The truth is, the government cannot provide security, safety, wealth, healthcare or anything else, without first stealing wealth (or borrowing or printing it) from productive members of society. Moreover, they cannot adequately provide these things due to special interest pressures and the general nature of bureaucracy. Even if they could provide these things, America was never meant to be a serfdom where the few become unjustly wealthy at the expense of the many.

A nice example of the complete waste that is the federal government is their river and dam management. Dams, previously setup by the Army Corp of “Engineers” are being opened and literally flooding thousands of homes along the Mississippi so as to not allow larger cities to be flooded. The government is rife with these types of policies, flood this group, but not that group, kill these people, but not those people. In a free society, with real insurance, real private property and the enforcement of contracts, situations like these would be minimal or non-existent. In our current system, people lose their homes to government-created flooding. That could be the motto: “The US government: drowning people is all we know how to do, and we do it well.”


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