The president that’s needed.

The mainstream will smear him. They will call him an isolationist because he doesn’t favour an aggressive, belligerent, war-mongering American foreign policy. Instead, he believes in a humble, non-interventionist foreign policy, based on actual free trade, diplomacy and peace.

They will attack him. They will call him a racist because he does not support the welfare state, as if minorities are better off being targeted with crumbs of state aid. He sees it for what it is, a vote-buying scheme wrapped up in supposed care for the poor. If politicians truly wanted to help the poor, they would stop destroying the value of the dollar and end the phony “war on drugs” that puts many non-violent people in cages and has decimated many communities.

They will berate him. They will call him an anti-Semite because he doesn’t pledge an undying devotion to the state of Israel. In fact, he doesn’t pledge an undying devotion to any foreign state and that’s exactly the point. He doesn’t believe in taking money from Americans and giving it to rich foreign politicians. Not only that, he believes that foreign bribes (what the mainstream laughably calls foreign aid) embroils the US in various foreign political intrigues, and who can doubt it? In the Middle East, the US tries to play both sides, pledging support for Israel while at the same time paying off Israel’s enemies. In any event, no matter what one believes about foreign bribes, it will come to an end because the US government is broke. The empire will crumble, as they all do, for economic reasons. This candidate simply believes, rightly in my opinion, that our presence in the Middle East stirs up hatred against us. Last time I checked, terrorists are not clamoring to attack Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong or Costa Rica who, for one reason or another don’t have a driving need to make the world safe for democracy by spreading their military all over. Furthermore, this candidate believes, again rightly in my opinion, that the Cold War has ended and American troops can probably safely exit Germany, South Korea and Japan, to name but a few rich countries, who can probably manage to pay for their own defense.

Yes, Ron Paul is running for president. Truly (and sadly), he is the only candidate who promotes a sound foreign and domestic policy not based on lies and false promises. He doesn’t pander to special interests and he certainly doesn’t believe he has all the answers (try to find a national politician who doesn’t promise the moon to their constituents). He believes that a president’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the individual liberties of all citizens, and here’s the thing, unlike other politicians who say one thing and do another, Ron Paul actually believes the things he says! That alone will probably keep him from winning.

Whereas big government politicians receive their campaign funding from big corporations and Wall Street (whom are continuously bailed out by said politicians and whom I’m sure only have the people’s best interest at heart) Ron Paul receives the majority of his funding from grassroots supporters. You know, actual people who, despite being mired in the continuing recession/depression/transitory inflationary period are still willing to part with their hard-earned money in defense of an idea.

It’s a simple idea, one that has been kicked around by both Democrats and Republicans for the last 100 years, and an idea that has been especially bloodied over the last 10 years or so. The idea is liberty and it’s proving popular with many people. Not rhetorical liberty, like that espoused by George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Their liberty consists of endless warfare, the ceaseless expansion of the state and the micromanagement of every aspect of our lives through a mind-numbing array of regulations that only benefit big, entrenched (and generous campaign contributing) business. In other words, their liberty is really the anti-liberty. Their liberty is the liberty of the few to fleece the many. Their liberty murders countless foreigners. Their liberty wrecks the economy and destroys the value of the dollar. Real liberty doesn’t have all the answers to society’s problems. Real liberty doesn’t impose itself on others at gunpoint. Real liberty doesn’t unjustly enrich a few at the expense of the many. Real liberty simply allows people to live their lives as they see fit, so long as they don’t seek to harm others. It’s really that simple. No more policies advocating the removal of the dictator du jour, who in many cases were recent American “allies.” No more laws attempting to regulate what goes into our bodies, from the very same government bureaucrats who advocate an unhealthy diet and prescription medication as the solution to every ill. No more destruction of the dollar through ceaseless expansion of the money supply. I could go on (and probably will in the future), but you get the idea.

The mainstream will say Ron Paul doesn’t have a snowballs chance at winning the Republican primary, let alone the presidency. Perhaps they are right, but the situation being as it is today, the world needs a fearless defender of liberty, the world needs to hear the message Ron Paul puts forth. A message of peace, liberty and sound money.


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