From one dictator to another: “What would you do?”

The murderous Libyan leader claims to have sent a message to the murderous American president asking, in regard to rebellions; “If you found [rebels] taking over American cities by the force of arms, tell me what you would do.”

It is a fair question. One can only imagine the destruction that the American government would unleash should someone challenge their domestic monopoly on violence. Just the other day a man by the name of Bernard von NotHaus was sentenced to prison for daring to compete with the US government in regards to currency. Mr. NotHaus will now spend perhaps the rest of his life (he is 67) in prison. His crime? Minting his own silver coins and offering them to people to voluntarily purchase. Contrast this with the US government’s funny money, where we are legally (that is at gun point) required to accept rapidly devaluing currency. The government went so far as to say that minting coins is tantamount to domestic terrorism! Are you kidding me? As Mr. Bill Anderson, over at Lew Rockwell wrote:

So, the government which deliberately inflates the currency, thus engaging in a form of stealing from people who have monetary assets,… [calls] a man who makes a silver coin a terrorist? Mr. NotHaus never forced anyone to accept his “money,” unlike the “legitimate” government…So, tell me, who employs the use of terror here, and who doesn’t?

Back to my original point, we can already answer Mr. Gaddafi’s question. In order to maintain its power, the US state already resorts to violence in regards to rebels. It arrests and imprisons them, which may seem more civil than outright violent attacks, but the goal is the same: eliminate all competition. We can only imagine what they would do if the mundanes started rebelling en masse. Take western intervention in Libya, for example. There is the obvious mercantilist interest of securing oil for western companies, but there is also the issue of power projection in the Middle East. The US seeks to maintain (and enhance) its stranglehold on Middle Eastern countries, through force and the propping up of dictators. Like the domestic situation, the US government hates competition internationally as well. By intervening in Libya, the west (meaning the US really) gets to install a new government friendlier to Washington. Sure, they may hold some sort of election to give it a legitimate appearance, but democracy elects dictators just the same.

It seems maybe, just maybe, some of Mr. Obama’s base supporters are starting to question his warmongering ways. Some on the left, (the ones with principles and backbone) like Ralph Nader, are openly calling for Mr. Obama’s impeachment. We can only hope more people start calling for his impeachment and the impeachment of any future president who descends into despotism (so all of them?). While we are at it, we should begin impeaching past presidents as well. While we can no longer kick them out of office, we can at least pull back the veil that blinds us to the true nature of American government.


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