The empire marches to war (again)

That occasionally useful tool (not as useful as, say, central banks and their cohorts) used by elites, the United Nations, just passed a resolution authorising a no-fly zone over Libya. As expected, the price of oil is already up.

This amounts to an aggressive act of war, another unconstitutional one at that. Not that Congress wouldn’t have voted for it anyway. It is simply further proof that democrats and republicans, overall, love war. Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama is a warmongering Bushite, just as Bush was a warmongering Clintonian, and so on. The chain remains unbroken to the cheers of Wall Street and the big banks. War, for them, is great business.

The UN resolution is purposively vague, giving elites the leeway to move beyond a no-fly zone into, well, pretty much anything they want. So, when does the ground invasion begin? After the first British plane is shot down, or not until the empire suffers a direct hit and loses one of its own citizens? France, of all states, seems to be chomping at the bit to kill Libyans, whereas the Germans have shrewdly, and correctly, said no to using the German military.

It is said that anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya celebrated the outcome of the UN vote. I find this hard to believe, since they have been telling the west to keep out all along. Even if they were celebrating, let’s see how long it takes for western missiles to start wiping them out too, along with Gaddafi forces.

Even if it was right for western states to throw ones citizens into the middle of a civil war (which it isn’t) the US can hardly afford it. The US government will have to borrow even more from China in order to destroy things in Libya. Predictably, after the dust settles, the US government will have to borrow still more from China in order to pay to rebuild all of the infrastructure that it destroyed. It’s America’s one-party state at its finest.


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