Andrew Bacevich: as Authoritative as Ever

Former military man and current professor at Boston University, Andrew Bacevich, is one of the Empire’s best (in my opinion) critics. He speaks from experience and in a reasoned, logical way. In his latest article in the LA Times he discusses the ongoing protests in the Middle East. His main argument is, unlike what we are told by the elites in Washington, the people in the Middle East are quite capable of bringing about change on their own. They don’t need Washington or its military and, if anything, that will only retard change. Bacevich says real change is happening all over the Middle East in an organic way. No need for massive, death-inducing imperialism to bring about change. Who knew?

Imagine if, instead of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, the US had stayed out. We would probably be seeing demonstrations in the streets of Baghdad and Kabul. Fed up with Saddam Hussein and the Taliban’s despotic ways, the people would have risen up and thrown off their oppressors. Obviously we cannot say for sure, but it seems likely given what is occurring all over the Middle East. Many citizens are fed up with (sometimes US-imposed) dictatorships and are peacefully removing their consent to be governed by them.

Bacevich goes on to say that, rather than being “extremists” (whatever that means anyway), the protestors are simply seeking a prosperous and peaceful future. We can all agree with that, unless you are a member of the US elite who makes their career off of warmongering and foreign dictatorships (but that’s a post for another day). Things are finally looking up for oppressed peoples all over the world and it is being led by those whom we are constantly told are “backwards” and “extremist Muslims.” Let’s hope their desire to rule their own lives spreads to Europe and the US.


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