Read Between the Lines

The UK Independent briefly mentioned Ron Paul’s victory in the CPAC straw poll. Like mainstream media in the US, they are downplaying it saying it shows that Republicans still “have a long way to go to pick a challenger to President Barack Obama.”

What they are really saying, without knowing it perhaps, is that an honest, principled person cannot win the US presidency. To be fair, they are probably right. Ron Paul is not bought and paid for by Wall Street and other special interests. He understands that the majority of the problems faced by citizens of the US are caused by government interventionism and the Federal Reserve. For these reasons, he is unlike any other politician. He is the anti-politician, not worried about reelection, only with spreading the idea of liberty.

On the other hand, a few pages before the Ron Paul blurb, the Independent ran an article entitled “Obama to set out painful budget plans for austerity in America.” After continuing Bush’s policy of ensuring that all their friends (big bankers, car companies, etc) are bailed out by taxpayers, the bill is coming due in the form of austerity. Yes, the consummate politician (read:liar) is pretending to talk tough on government spending, after racking up TRILLIONS of dollars of debt in the last few years.

Although the mainstream continues to write him off, the principles Ron Paul stands for are becoming more and more popular as people start to understand the corrupt system we toil under everyday. He appeals to a broad spectrum as that rare Republican who speaks against government spending at home and abroad. As he recently said on MSNBC’s “The Morning Joe,” he can challenge Obama’s war mongering in a way no other Republican (and very few Democrats) can.


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