What do Environmentalists Really Want?

In a word, death. How else can you explain their anti-human rhetoric and policy recommendations? Having never squared themselves to the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, environmentalists (you know those elites, like Al Gore, who fly around in private jets and have multiple homes) and their anti-human allies want to return us to a simpler time, a time when “surplus” population was dealt with through mass starvation.

In reality, the majority of us owe our very existence to the blessings of capitalism and the Industrial Revolution. Without either the world would be a much grimmer place indeed. For proof, just look at those areas of the world where government has not allowed industrialisation and private property to occur. They are destitute. Their populations live partially on the goodwill of citizens of other successful market-orientated areas of the world.

I cannot fault the environmentalists who are truly idealistic in their misguided aims. The problems arise when they seek to use the power of government to enforce their will. The environmentalist and the State are a match made in heaven. Both seek to control everyone and force us to live how they believe we should. Without the State, the environmentalist, like the religious extremists or Wall Street bankers, are powerless beyond their ability to get us to buy into their ideals voluntarily. Once the State enters the picture, it is no longer necessary to satisfy consumers, it only becomes necessary to satisfy bureaucrats and politicians.

For example, the recent oil spill in the Gulf Coast illustrates the kind of insanity that reigns in an environmentalist’s mind. Ask most people who is to blame for the oil spill, who the bad guy is, and they will most likely say BP (although the federal subsidies BP receives does make them the bad guys in another way, but that’s a blog for another day). This is rich. BP, and the consumers who use their products (that’s us) are the victims. BP doesn’t want oil spills, it wants to sell oil. We don’t want oil spills we want to buy oil. The oil spill is a disaster not because some oil leaked into the ocean (for remember oil is a natural resource and will break down and disappear in 12-18 months, tops) but because oil that could be used in our cars, to heat our homes and/or in countless products we buy, is lost forever.

The human hating environmentalists have convinced many people that oil and industrialism are bad things. Luckily for them, the State is on their side. They hate humans too! Over here in Europe, they have banned incandescent light bulbs in favour of the CFL bulbs. They say that by using less energy they can save the world. Save the world from what? A well-lit room? The truth is, the State and it’s scientists have created a fake crisis in Global Warming, oops I mean Global Cooling, oops I mean Climate Change, simply to steal more of our money and freedoms. The earth warms and cools all the time, over long periods. I’m not saying man doesn’t contribute to this warming or cooling (if it is even occurring to any noticeable degree at the moment), that may be, but the solution isn’t more job-killing regulation, banning light bulbs or government-subsidised electric cars. The solution lies in us, in the market. The true solution, if one is actually needed, is in the unhampered market, where prices reflect the nature of supply and demand. Innovation is our best bet, but not innovation through the end of the government pistol. That kind of innovation is a haven for fraud, corruption and disappointing (but politically pleasing) results. Innovation in the private market seeks to satisfy consumer desires, and if we desire cleaner energy, products and lifestyles only the market can deliver it in a peaceful, voluntary, and prosperous way.


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