A Super Bowl Blog Post: A Super Bowl of Political Lies that is.

I just wanted to excerpt a piece of this article that was published on Mises.org entitled The Reagan Fraud-and After. If you want a better view into what’s going on in the world, and don’t mind a bit of economics, I recommend Mises.org. This particular article makes the well-established, but oft-forgotten, argument that President Ronald Reagan, darling of the GOP was, like President George W. Bush, a complete fraud. We all know politicians lie. Ronald Reagan was no different. Like Bush, government grew (and societal power waned) vastly under Reagan, despite that people still claim otherwise.

From the article:

    It will be objected that Democratic presidents like Johnson and Carter also grew the federal government, that they too increased taxes and spending and regulations, that they too made government steadily more intrusive and the individual steadily less free. It will be objected that the Republican Party is here being singled out for undeserved abuse. But in fact, the situation is far otherwise. As James Ostrowski noted in 2002, “Over the last one hundred years, of the five presidents who presided over the largest domestic spending increases, four were Republicans. Include regulations and foreign policy, as well as budgets approved by a Republican Congress, and a picture begins to emerge of the Republican Party as a reliable engine of government growth.”
    In fact, despite the liberal apostasy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and virtually all Democratic politicians since his time, despite their choice to try to beat the Republicans at their own game, promoting mercantilism, welfare statism, and war, and calling it “liberalism” — despite all this, the conservative party, the GOP, remains the more devoted to mercantilism, welfare statism, and war of the two major parties. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, Republicans depicted the philosophy of their Democratic opponents as “tax and spend, tax and spend.” But in fact, it is the Republicans, the conservatives, who are the biggest taxers and the biggest spenders of all.
    The years since George Herbert Walker Bush have seen nothing that might make one wish to revise or soften this statement — for George H.W. Bush’s son, former Texas governor George W. Bush, who won the presidency in a hotly contested election in the year 2000 and was reelected in 2004, had spent more federal money by the end of his third year in office than Bill Clinton, the “tax-and-spend” Democrat who preceded him, managed to spend in a full eight years.

In reality, there is only one party in the United States and they are both dedicated to expanding their power over the population. Sure, they may wrap it up in different language for different constituencies, but make no mistake about it, all politicians (except one that I know of) go into power because they want to force through rules that THEY (and their corporate, military, banking and/or union backers) believe everyone should live by. They speak the words of freedom to string us all along. They tell us government will solve all of our problems. But we know better. We know the government can only create problems. We know that behind the fancy rhetoric and photo-ops is the true State, predicated on brute force. Don’t want to give your hard-earned wages over to the State for them to use for war, welfare and bailouts? Here’s the business end of a gun, now into your cage. Perhaps you want to peacefully partake in a mind-altering drug (other than the ones they say you are “allowed” to take like caffeine, alcohol, etc). Off to jail, you scum. The list goes on and on.

The main thread running through the history of the human race is the struggle of freedom versus power. Power wants us to live as it sees fit, not as we want. Power seeks to make our decisions for us and tells us it is for our own good. I’m not sure about you, but I am sick of power. They never pay the rent on time and leave their dirty laundry everywhere. Maybe it is time they are kicked out, for good.


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