The People Have Awoken

They are sick and tired of the corruption, the corporatism, and the lack of any real change. They are fed up with torture, spying, murder and the omnipresent police state. They are through with politics as usual, where the big guys get all of the tax money and favourable prosperity-crushing regulations at the expense of civil society. They are standing up for free speech, the right to assemble and individual rights. No longer will empty political rhetoric go unpunished, even if the people have to take to the streets to be heard. No longer will one party rule destroy the future of an entire nation. There is a revolution brewing that promises to upset the illiberal status quo.

If only all of this was happening in the United States in addition to the Middle East. Sadly, its business as usual in Washington and that business is fleecing the tax payer into more bailouts, more warfare, more welfare, all at the expense of their freedom and prosperity.

The Federal Reserve is likely to push through more “Quantitative Easing” (formerly known as money printing and inflation), which only helps the politically connected at the expense of everyone else.

President Obama wears two (or more) masks, with the most recent hypocrisy being his statement in regards to Egypt that “we oppose violence.” Yes, WE do. But of course the “we” Obama is talking about is the United States government, who at this very moment is conducting at least 3 wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan) and countless other violence targeting civilian populations (including its own). Some would argue that a penchant for aggression and warfare is not akin to opposition to violence, but in our Orwellian world elites have no problem simultaneously supporting and opposing one idea. So Obama can believe he opposes violence all while also supporting it. It’s a pretty neat trick, shredding one’s soul. Like every politician, he opposes violence, except when he doesn’t.

And the gravy train doesn’t just make stops abroad, right here at home legislation FORCING (at government gun point) everyone to buy inefficient, union-approved, overpriced and prosperity-sapping government healthcare will come in to effect in the coming years.

The supposed lovers of freedom in the Republican Party that were just sworn into Congress seem to not have a clue about economics and certainly don’t want to reign in the Empire. Hypocrisy is, of course, bipartisan. Republicans and Democrats agree on pretty much anything of importance. They are lockstep on monetary, fiscal and foreign policy. They love bailouts and printing money. In other words, the US is a virtual one-party state. Inevitably, however, that will change. Like the citizens of Egypt, there will come a point when the US will have real change, when one-party politics will be blown apart. Sadly, it will most likely take the collapse of the US dollar for any real change to occur.

When it happens no one can predict, but like the powder keg that is the Middle East, it just takes a spark.


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