The US supports human rights in Egypt

The United States supports, encourages and seeks to uphold human rights in Egypt. That’s the official line, anyway. The US does support the right of a CIA-approved dictator to stymie free speech, and imprison, torture and murder those who don’t fall into line. Don’t believe me? The reign of current puppet Hosni Mubarak is attributed almost entirely to US support, that’s US tax dollars to you and me. You know that tragically labeled foreign “aid” you may have heard about? Pretty much all of that is siphoned off by various dictators and militaries to ensure their populations don’t go against the empire.

Isn’t it brutally awkward watching President Obama talk about human rights in Egypt, all the while knowing he knows that it is basically an outpost in the US empire?

The whole affair does raise important questions, although you are unlikely to hear them being asked by mainstream journalists.

1. Is this further indication of the crumbling of the US empire? Or is the Egyptian regime being purposely destabilized by the US in order to lay the foundation for a military takeover of Egypt? Military rule is much easier to buy off with expensive weaponry and fancy toys of death, something the US is particularly good at manufacturing.

2. Oily goodness? Will reason finally win out over madness in regards to US foreign policy in the Middle East? The 60+ year policy of supporting dictators in the Middle East in order to secure access to their oil is a farce. The immutable laws of economics show that oil, like any other good, can be acquired through trade, without dictators and their penchant for despotism. Those with the oil presumably want to profit from it’s sale. Those who want oil for consumption (for cars, electricity, etc.) are willing to pay market prices for it. It really is basic economics here. No need for “strongmen,” dictators, CIA-inspired coups or any of that. Just simple trade. Quasi-communist China seems to be better at trade than supposedly free-market orientated America.

3. What are the people of Egypt after? Do they want true freedom or are they rioting for more socialism? It brings to mind the “radical” protests in the UK over rising university tuition fees. The students simply want other people to pay for their education. Although in Egypt, they are definitely seeking the right to free speech, one of the essential elements of a free society.  Time will tell.

All in all, I believe (surprise, surprise) the US empire is slowly crumbling. The US is embroiled in virtually every political conflict in the world, not to mention two or three wars to boot. Add that to the government’s mission to destroy the value of the dollar and we have a mess on our hands, to say the least.


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