The Battle Lines are Drawn: The Liberating Internet vs. The Chains of the State

As a follow-up to my last post, I feel the need to discuss further the potential of the Internet. Amidst all of the neocon vitriol and “liberal” fervor over the WikiLeaks documents (many are calling for WikiLeaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange to be tried and executed for treason, or simply assassinated for daring to speak the truth! It’s true, the truth is treason in the Empire of lies), a dominant theme seems to be emerging; the powers-that-be hate the Internet.

Those who seek to rape, murder and plunder with impunity do not like when their misdeeds are aired to the public. The statists prefer the cosy status quo relationship they have with the mainstream media, which works like this: the state does whatever it wants, the mainstream media doesn’t discuss it, at least not in any meaningful sense. From Fox News, to CNN, to “the  gray lady” (the New York Times), none of these outlets see fit to print or broadcast anything that may go against the state. Sure Fox talks about “small government” all the while they support every move the Empire makes. The New York Times claims to care about the poor, or something like that, while championing the Federal Reserve and endless warfare, both of which harm the poor the most.

Enter the hero; the Internet, or more specifically, those who write, film and comment using the Internet. The mainstream media, long derelict in their duty to tell the truth, are being supplanted by blogs and alternative news sources. This is great news. No longer can people use ignorance as a veil. All of the information is out there, every evil deed the state commits is documented and categorized for our reading displeasure. Of course, none of this means the state will cease its immoral, anti-human activities, only that more and more people will know about them.

Even at this very moment, the state is under attack from all sides. The Federal Reserve, the greatest destroyer of liberty and prosperity, is under popular pressure for the first time, well, ever. The Empire, perhaps the second greatest destroyer of liberty and prosperity, is likewise under attack from such people as those that run WikiLeaks. Even things that, in the past, would have gone almost completely unnoticed are laid bare for all who care to see. For example, the Congress (third greatest destroyer?) is trying to pass the misnamed “Food Safety” bill which would decimate local, small family farms at the behest of big agribusiness (more on this in another post perhaps). Now, I’m not saying this won’t pass, but its consequences are made clear by all of those online who bravely question the state.

The Internet, by its very democratic nature (everyone can have a say) represents the society of humans well. Of course, there are the not-so-nice aspects of the Internet, but more importantly the Internet allows humans to connect and converse in an unprecedented way. Citizens can use their right to assembly to cause all kinds of problems for the state and its allies. At the click of a button, the truth is sent around the world to anyone who cares to hear it. No wonder states around the world hate it. From the EU’s bogus charges of monopoly against Google, to the US federal government’s desire to take control of the internet, it is clear the state is on the back-foot. The states’ attack dogs have already been unleashed against the Internet, but it remains to be seen whether their bite is worse than their bark.


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