Could anyone possibly be surprised?

With the WikiLeaks release, with a promise of more to come, the US government seems likely to face more scrutiny over its actions in the world. Or is it? I can’t imagine anyone being surprised about any behavior done on behalf of the US citizenry, or so they say. This is the same government who has started numerous wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea), the only government to ever use atomic weapons (on Japan) against another nation, the same government who simply rounds up Muslims and throws them in Guantanamo Bay prison without ever charging them for anything, and the same government who sees fit to molest its own people before they board an aircraft. So, I ask, could there possibly be anything in these “leaks” that could surprise anyone?

Perhaps we are too desensitized (by design?) to government conspiracies, violence, etc., because of all the movies based on such themes. In general, the American people seem willing to let their government do whatever it wants, particularly if the government says it is for their own protection (and the list of things the government is doing for our safety seems to grow everyday). Historically, governments do whatever they can get away with and the US government is no different.

If the leaked documents said the US was rounding up orphans to be tested on by former Nazi scientists, would anyone be surprised? More worryingly, would anyone even care? The current president has a D next to his name, so no one in the democratic party seems willing to criticize him, even though he is exactly like Bush. Those of republican persuasion pray at the alter of the state so long as the state is constantly warring and shredding the rights of its citizenry. In other words, its not a left-wing or right-wing thing, its a state thing. There is no left-wing/right-wing dichotomy. There is only those who can use state power to further their personal goals, and those who can’t.

Democrats are republicans, and republicans are democrats. They have no ability to solve our problems, only the power to create them. If nothing else, the WikiLeaks should lay bare the false premise that things will change simply by electing a different person to office. It’s like being asked by whom do you wish to be robbed? Not whether you wish to be robbed. The murders, wars, tortures etc, are perpetrated by both democrats and republicans so often that they cease to be separate entities. They are the Statist Party, ensuring the power of the state always increases, and in direct correlation, society’s power decreases.

Already, the mouthpieces of the regime (such as the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) are doing damage control. First, they are calling all of the “back room dealings” between shady characters “diplomacy.” That is rich! By calling it diplomacy, they give it an air of professionalism, of officialness. In reality, it is what it has always been. Those with power seeking to maintain it at all costs, by war if necessary, by lies by design.

To end this rant, I will say the power of the Internet is laying waste to statist plans. The moment some lunatic government official proposes an idea it is immediately destroyed by the truth-telling internet. Be wary, however, as the freedom of the Internet will increasingly come under attack by those who wish their misdeeds to stay hidden. Already, they have passed a law giving the president the power to “shut down” the Internet in an “emergency.” Of course, they leave it open-ended about what constitutes an emergency. They also show their complete naivete and ignorance. You can’t just shut down the internet. There’s not some magic on/off switch that is in the basement of the White House. Even if they somehow succeeded in shutting down the Internet in its current form, there are ridiculously smart (much smarter than bureaucrats anyway) people who would have it back online in minutes. Think pirate radio, only cheaper and on a much larger scale.

In other words, thankfully we have the Internet. It is the greatest human invention of our times. It has the capacity to alter the world in the way the Gutenberg Press did centuries ago, probably even more significantly.



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