Ireland: Colonized Once Again

I am not an expert on Irish history, by any means, but I do know a thing or two about history, in general, and ideology, in particular. Recently (say the last 2 years) Ireland has suffered through hard economic times. Thankfully, due to capitalism and it’s offspring industrial revolution, we aren’t talking potato famine hard times. People aren’t starving in droves and the populace aren’t fleeing anywhere yet. But while the Irish elite receive a bailout to keep their government operating, the Irish people seem destined to suffer further due to economic mismanagement.

The title of this post alludes to Ireland being recolonized, not by the British, but by the much more sinister European Union. This disaster of a utopian dream is bent on maintaining its anti-democratic nature and have actually barred the Irish from holding elections. They won’t be allowed to throw out the current crop of wrongdoers. The Irish have been down this road before. The revolutionaries of Irish independence would be proud to know their nation has, yet again, been trampled underfoot by another colonizing entity.

The EU, being partially a creation of the US elite following another failed attempt at controlling the European continent (by Germany), was doomed from the start. They pay lip-service to all kinds of liberal (in its true sense) ideals, but the reality is mere despotism, socialism, fascism, etc. Call it what you like, the average person living under EUism will continue to suffer from ever more bureaucracy, taxes, regulations and controls of their lives. That is, until the market (ie the people) overpowers the European elites, as it has always done in the long run.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s former colonizers, the United Kingdom, seem far better off by being less entangled in the EU-ctopus (no? Not a good name, is it?). Although the UK is heading towards more EU control, being outside of it during the ongoing crisis has had its advantages. By keeping the pound sterling, they have been able to, perhaps, suffer less than if they had the Euro. Furthermore, the British people still have some form of parliamentary representation that has some leeway to enact policies beneficial (whether they actually do is another story). The Irish would love to have a say over their politicians again, rather than having politicians who simply do whatever the EU elites tell them.

Who knows, maybe it won’t be long before the Irish begin to migrate once more to freer lands (something tells me it won’t be the US this time). Unless they can remove the boot currently stamping on their face, they will have no choice but to find a way out of the gulag.


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